Fruit Insurance Services

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Good connections

In this era of globalization, it is important to know who to contact if necessary. Our worldwide team of experts, independent surveyors, transport & logistics specialists, agronomists & agro-economists, insurance specialists, industrial engineers and specialized lawyers are always available to assist our customers.


Proof thanks to

Insurance certificates are necessary to confirm a coverage, especially when letters of credit are involved. Carl Schröter offers its secured web-based platform WebCert which allows to create and send insurance certificates.


FIS application

Time is money

Especially when dealing with perishable products, time plays an important role. Accessible to insured and their brokers, insurers , surveyors, and others, the online platform Fruit Insurance Services (FIS) assures a fast and immediate handling coupled to a transparent exchange of information between all parties involved.


Risk management

the risks

Determine the appropriate insurance coverage. The optimal coverage concept requires the identification, analysis, assessment, monitoring and control of insurable risks. Fruit Insurance Services supports its business partners and policy holders (insureds) before and during coverage in order to present a tailored based and cost-saving insurance solution.


Recourse against
liable party

After the payment of an insurance claim, negotiations with the liable party begins. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of our specialists and our good regional contacts to shipping companies, we have been able to achieve great success in recoveries for years.

Market Analysis

Knowledge is power

As everywhere in the world, market activities are influenced by different factors. Prices and forecasts in particular play enormous roles. We provide you the necessary databases in order to be ahead of competitors.